Friday, October 8, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Being a newlywed means learning to share a bed with someone.  I have been blessed to get the chance to share a bed with a very active sleeper.  Here's what I get most nights.

-Rolling, lots and lots of rolling.  Usually, it's rolling on top of me and squishing me or making it so I have about a foot of bed space to sleep on.  I've learned to just shove him the other direction.

-Sleep swearing.  This is what I usually hear, "*mumble* MOTHER F*****!! *mumble*"  This has happened twice now in 3 weeks.  Each time its full blown yelling but only when he swears.  Everything else he says is quiet and hard to understand except the swear word.  It usually wakes me up and I just laugh.

-Blanket stealing.  When he rolls, he steals.  I've found myself plenty of times pulling back on the blanket which usually seems to work.  I wonder if I'd find him in a blanket burrito if he slept by himself for a night.

I hope that I can record him swearing sometime but its usually pretty random.  It's so funny.

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